Risk Consultancy

Specifically the Risk Consulting Services provided include:

  • Full Dynamic Reviews of credit risk in Banks and Credit Union portfolios and individual sub-portfolios, including risk in the well performing loans.
  • Trend Analyses over the full period of the available data, showing more recent and longer term trends.
  • Industry Benchmarks in relation to the relevant portfolios, including consumer finance, overdrafts, auto and equipment finance.
  • Comparative Analyses of risk and trends across Loan Types, e.g. various Credit Score Bands, Loan Maturities and Business Referral Sources.
  • Loss given Default Values, validation and differentiation of LGDs across alternative portfolios and sub-portfolios.
  • Account-level Loss Forecasts to direct Collections Priorities and Performance Management.
  • Provision Calculations for Basel III and IFRS compliance reporting.
  • Risk Pricing for all loan types and Loan Maturities.
  • “Forborne” and Rescheduled Loans dynamic analyses.
  • “Run Rate” Analysis to distinguish higher risk arrears.
  • Full Portfolio Evaluations for M & A.


We would be delighted to undertake a complimentary consultation to show you our approach and identify where we can be of assistance to your organisation in reducing credit risk.