Who we are

Credit Expo is a consulting and software company, specialising in the measurement and management of retail credit risk, both for all aspects of risk management and for compliance reporting – IASB (Europe) and FASB (USA). Our main service, a methodology and software product is Credit Risk Analytics (CRA).

Origin of Credit Risk Analytics  (CRA)

As newly appointed CEO of the retail lender Chartered Trust Ireland, Patrick Shallow, identified the unsound nature of the former Basel l and Basel ll regulatory rules for reporting credit risk and, using regression analytics, he designed; developed and patented an evidence – based alternative –  Credit Risk Analytics. The initial software product was then installed and trialed in three leading banks over the years 2002 – 2011, being approved by bank auditors and by the Regulator. In 2011, the cloud based version was developed and installed in 9 leading credit unions, again with regulatory approval, replacing the former ‘Resolution 49’ risk reporting convention. CRA has been progressively developed since then, with the methodology also being reviewed and approved by certain Greek banks. Partnering for deployment of the CRA software in the USA is under discussion.

Status of the CRA

CRA Analytics is a dynamic, patented, cloud – based expert system designed to measure credit risk across the full range of retail lending instruments, Hire Purchase, Consumer Finance, Mortgages and asset types, with core algorithms drawing on the alternative principles of Banking, Mathematics, Economics and Actuarial Science. CRA loss forecasts have been extensively back tested over time and validated against actual results.

CRA – An End to End Credit Risk Solution

CRA is a mathematically precise expert system which delivers accuracy for all business functions viz. New Business Acceptance, Risk Pricing, Performance and Collections Management, Compliance Reporting and Portfolio Evaluation, while also reporting trends in credit risk over time.

CRA Deliverables

1. Evaluation and pricing of new loan applications, while mitigating specific aspects of risk

2.Performance management of existing loan portfolios via “league tables”

3.Collections management (prioritises targets) and measures recoveries against measured risk

4.Regulatory Compliance reporting

5.Portfolio Evaluation


Corporate Resources

Dr Patrick Shallow is the CEO of Credit Expo and the designer of CRA for which, in 2013, he received a PhD from the Smurfit Business School of University College Dublin.

Development Resources at Credit Expo include:

  • Product development and management – Cian Kinsella
  • Marketing Strategist – DTA Marketing
  • Java Development – Enterprise Software
  • Actuary – Consultanting Actuary
  • Statistician – Eamonn O’Leary
  • Banker and Economist – Pat Shallow


We would be delighted to undertake a complimentary consultation to show you our approach and identify where we can be of assistance o your organisation in reducing credit risk.