Mortgage Profitability

Our Approach to Clients


  • Credit Expo’s software is full, sophisticated, actuarially constructed and capable of capturing and tracking all loan characteristics. However, the operationof EYC, as with CRA Analytics, can be restricted by the available detail, depth and history of the bank’s own data.
  • On receipt of an enquiry on mortgage profitabiloity measurement, Credit Expo visits the client and notes both the data and the purpose of the bank’s requirement, i.e., whether simply for compliance reporting or for more precise profitability management and M&A work. Credit Expo then advises the bank on the fields required to be captured, the longevity required and best immediately available outputs, while new data is captured thereafter to add functionality for the future.
  • Subject to availability of data and intended functionality, the installation of the EYC software can take between three and six months. Installation is undertaken under licence and pricing is agreed with the client


We would be delighted to undertake a complimentary consultation to show you our approach and identify where we can be of assistance to your organisation in reducing credit risk.