Credit Risk Analytics

Why it is needed?

Some of the Imperatives for Analysing and Managing Credit Risk

  • Compliance Reporting deadlines:
    • IASB   1st January 2018 (Europe)
    • FASB 1st January 2020  – USA (Jan  2018 in Canada)
  • Safe New Lending in Future, through analysis of risk sources
  • Identification of Emerging Risk in accounts for earlier intervention
  • Measurement of Operating Performance, with verifiable League Tables for: Underwriters, Dealers, Product types, Credit Scores, Loan maturities, Collections teams, Lawyers and Risk Cohorts (anti-fraud)
  • Prioritisation of Accounts for Collections based on risk, not simply on balances
  • Empowering the Collections Teams
  • A Common Language with objective measurement of credit risk for Collections,  New Business  and  Management
  • Accurate Risk Pricing based on the lender’s own experience, with pragmatic risk mitigation. 
  • Confident, Speedy decision making, with full audit trails
  • Elimination of costly and destructive cross subsidisation of loans
  • Greatly enhanced Portfolio Profitability for stakeholders and securitization
  • Vastly improved Competitiveness
  • All Trend Analyses with Market Benchmarking


We would be delighted to undertake a complimentary consultation to show you our approach and identify where we can be of assistance to your organisation in reducing credit risk.